September 12, 2020
3 months and 9 days left
until our reunion.
Class of 1970 Flint Central Indians Reunion
See the "Details of the event tab"  for the events, timing, costs. 
You can buy tickets today using your credit card.

For those that wonder if we will hold the Reunion with the Coronavirus pandemic. My point of view is that it is too early to decide. I believe that by summer we will be ahead of the curve. If we need to cancel, we will refund all ticket purchases less the credit card costs (estimated $4 per ticket). Safety is a high priority but it is five months away and given the effort by the government I believe we will be fine by then.
Visit our Vision and Committee pages to see what our vision and goals are for this once in a Life Time event. See the classmates working at the event. 

We will also offer opportunities to sponsor parts of the events to help keep our ticket price at a minimum.

If you'd like to donate in memory of a Classmate that donation will be acknowledged at our event an on this web site.


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