This committee was formed in February 2019. Everyone here answered the call to help deliver the 50th Class reunion. They have already attended multiple meetings to exchange ideas and build a plan. We organized a tour of 5 locations and reviewed three more to identify the best location in Flint. Nothing would have happened without their dedication.

The Committee

John Lamb-Treasurer. John helped us start off with over $600 in the bank. John has had funds from the 25th reunion in a CD for 25 years!. He has been instrumental in leading the budget and evaluation of the venues. 

Karen Peacock Kennell--Karen agreed to lead the most challenging job. Finding about 450 classmates spread across the world from Erie, PA. She is doing a fantastic job, working daily to find everyone. She can use help from everyone.

Brenda Madras Stikeleather--Brenda is leading the committee planning/executing the event. This includes the menu, decorations, and other parts at the Flint Golf Club. She is the coordinator with FGC.

Myra Crane Gullet--Myra is leading the effort to recognize the deceased classmates. She is working on an appropriate display of the memory of the classmates that have passed in the last 50 years.

Janet Rauch--Janet has been leveraging her Flint connects to find our DJ, and providing guidance on connecting with Flint media. She is also working with Brenda on some of the projects for the event.

Rachel Jacob Adbella---Rachel is on the Event Committee working with Brenda. Rachel has been an event planner and is leading the work for the centerpieces and desserts

Mimi Adams Matthew--Mimi is leading the work on creating a Memorabilia table filled with nostalgic items from the '60s and '70s. She has created memes for Facebook and will be involved with our marketing efforts.

Kathy Sullivan Suter--Kathy lives in Florida but has been involved with the Committee since startup. She has provided valuable suggestions and helped me make connections that I did not have.

Bobbi Stoltz Goergen--Bobbi joined the group in April, but has volunteered to help with the event committee, classmate search (making phone calls) and provided us with the documentation that we had from the 25th class reunion. Invaluable information for the search!

Brenda Duckett Greer--Brenda recently joined the committee. Brenda is well connected in Flint after being a principal in the Flint Schools. She has already helped immensely by adding about 40 classmates to our database. 

Joyce Wright Theodoroff--Joyce has helped me with excellent perspective of the class reunions in Flint for the past 20 years. Joyce and Chris Theordorff are very active and provided me and the committee with "what works".