Our Vision is to create a memorable once in a lifetime 50h Class Reunion. To create the memories, it will take bringing as many of our Classmates to Flint to reconnect as we can find 

Our goal is to allow you time to talk and reengage people you knew 50 years ago. That is what we have learned from our research. You want time to talk to people.

We started early so we can have time to find people and get the word out. Our yearbook had about 270 students listed. Our class numbered more than 500. We are want to find everyone. We recognize that for Classmates out of state it can be expensive. So we have planned simple events leaving room for grassroots planning for picnics or BBQs.  

We have worked to keep the price of tickets below the average of $75. Our dinner ticket prices are $55. over 95% of the cost of the ticket is the meal and service charges by FGC. The $55 cost covers the $4 fee for credit card use. Our buffet will offer choices and excellent food. The venue is terrific.

We are encouraging sponsors and donations to offset other costs. As of today, we have $1700 in commitments. 

We believe we can attract over 175 of our classmates to Flint for this event. Our class was over 500. We estimate we will find 75+ deceased classmates. Most Flint Class reunions attract between 60-80 Classmates.