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To all Classmates. This list is the verified list of deceased Classmates. It is updated when we have identified someone that has passed. Please send any new classmates to my email Bill Traywick.
1 Dallas Alexander
2 James Alverson
3 Earnest Anthony
4 John Baragwanath
5 Mark Blevins
6 Dean Bond
7 Ruby Burke
8 Don Chapman
9 Dan DeBarr
10 Gary Diehl
11 Demetrius Dumont
12 Don  Dwyer
13 Robert Eastman
14 Robert Elizondo
15 Scott Frost
16 Kyle Goodall
17 James  Gribb
18 Michael Gullett
19 Michael Harper
20 Debi Hency
21 Mary Jane Hitchings
22 Ken Hood
23 Steve Kaplan
24 James  Kennell
25 Homer Kirby
26 Ron Lechota
27 Jim Lord
28 Eugene Madden
29 John McKeighan
30 Joe Morrrow
31 Beth Muckey
32 Ken Neely
33 Larry Owenby
34 Rocky Phelps
35 Glen Pierson
36 Lucia Pirrota
37 Pat Reynods
38 John Ring
39 Janet Root
40 Mark Ruther
41 Tim Ryan
42 Sam Sanchez
43 Molly Sabo
44 Don Sark
45 William Schack
46 Robert Singles
47 Debra Smith
48 Bruce Strange
49 Lloyd Sturk
50 Dennis Watts
51 Greg Wilborn
52 Fred Waldron
53 Temmie Young
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10 great reasons to attend your 50th class reunion

Source: Kenny Meyers, actor
To Reconnect with Old Friends – Remember the best friend that you talked to for hours every night on the telephone and swore you’d never grow apart from? Unless you’re one of the lucky few, chances are that you haven’t seen one another in years and may even have lost touch altogether. Few events offer the opportunity to reconnect with people that were once important to you like a high school reunion, and you may never see them again if you skip the event.
Because You’ve Changed Dramatically – If you’ve lost a ton of weight or were the ugly duckling that became a swan in college or later in life, there’s something very satisfying about showing up to your high school reunion to flaunt those changes. Poise and confidence often come with age, so you can navigate your reunion much more easily than the halls of your high school.
To Come to Terms With Aging – Seeing new fine lines and more gray hair isn’t easy to deal with for most people. When you arrive at your reunion and realize that everyone is getting older, it can make the experience feel less isolating and help you come to terms with the fact that aging is an inevitable part of life.
Because Living Well is the Best Revenge – High school can be rough, especially for kids that don’t quite fit the mold. If you suffered through high school and have since built a wonderful, rewarding life for yourself despite the bad experiences, showing off your success to the people that treated you badly can be quite vindicating.
To Network – Networking is so important in some fields that there are entire social websites built solely around the premise of helping people to network on a professional level. Attending your high school reunion can be a great experience, but it may also afford you some networking opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on.
To Reminisce – Some people suffer through high school, but there are also those that reveled in the experience. Looking back at your high school career and sharing a few laughs with the people that were by your side for all of those great times can be very rewarding.
To Show Your Spouse Where You Came From – Attending your high school reunion with your spouse is a great way to share a part of your formative years. You can tour your hometown, introduce old friends and share stories that you’d forgotten all about, helping you forge an even stronger bond.  Of course unless you are one of the luckiest people in the world and still married to your high school sweetheart (which is even more of a cause to celebrate with mutual friends)!
To Party Like It’s 1988… Or Something – When careers and kids come along, opportunities to let your hair down can be few and far between. Your high school reunion will give you the chance to dance the night away. Rather than sharing the dance floor with a crowd of college kids at a nightclub, you’ll be surrounded by people your own age rocking out to songs you haven’t heard in years.
To Satisfy Your Curiosity – If you’ve ever wondered where people ended up and what they have done with their lives this is your chance to find out.  Whether it is the motor head that constantly tinkered with his cool car or the nerd that always raised his hand to answer the teacher’s questions, it’s fun to see what became of them.
Because Wall Posts Aren’t Real Conversations – Seeing pictures and Facebook status updates from your old friends or even sending a few messages back and forth just isn’t the same as seeing them in the flesh and catching up. As hard as it may be to believe, some people don’t even maintain social networking accounts. If you haven’t seen your high school friends since graduation, there’s no better place to catch up than the spot where you all went your separate ways
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Bill Traywick
Retired Married 5
Hello Class of 1970 Please fill out your profile it will help us communiate for the 2020 class reunion. 

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion on September 12, 2020. We are working on the details of the location, costs, and events. Details will be announced as we complete the planning.

Right now the most important thing is to find our class mates and get them to this web site. Please share in your social media and your circle of friends. 

Personal side: Remarried to Marcia, 3 step sons and two of my own Mike and Leslie. Have lived in West Michigan for the last 30 years. Worked for Sears, Procter & Gamble, and Kellogg's for over 40 years in Sales Management. After the corporate experience did some consulting which turned into operating a few small businesses in payroll, medical claims and a law firm. Currently servicng as Board President for the Jericho Foundation which helps underserved youth in Bosnia attend university in Bosnia so they can stay and rebuild their country. Have 5 beautiful grandkids. 
Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Brenda Duckett (Greer)
Retired Principal Widowed 1
Send Brenda a MessageSend Brenda a Message
Brenda Madaras (Stikeleather)
VP Operations-Batey Management and Consulting www.bateymc.com Married 1
After retiring from teaching, I worked at Baker College as an academic advisor.  When  that job ended, I thought  "That's it! " But the opportunity came up to work with Batey Management and Consulting out of Naples, FL. So I am back and forth as the company grows.

I have also been a member of the Davison Passion Players for nearly 20 years as actor and board member. And am very involved with my church. 

I am married to Jack and have one son, Shane.  (I'm too busy for pets!)
Carol Jones
Retired Single 1
I'm looking forward to the reunion. Send Carol a MessageSend Carol a Message
Chris n/a (Theodoroff)
Associate Broker Real Estate Married
Dec '76: graduated from the University of Michigan - Flint (BA Business/Economics).  Jan '76 - Feb '80: worked in Sales for Xerox and Management program at Genesee Bank March '80: began career in Real Estate working for Piper Realty Co (100 year old, 4th generation company - I have been an Associate Broker there for almost 40 years!) May '75: married class of '70 classmate, Joyce Wright.  Sept '14: began volunteering 2 hours per week in Fenton Schools' State Rd Elementary (Ms Guerra's 3rd grade class) when our great-niece was in the 3rd grade at State Rd (Aurora is going in 8th grade this fall).  Traveled to many places in the USA as well as to places in Europe & Asia (both business & pleasure) - Joyce & I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary (4 years late) with all of the descendants of Joyce's parents (29 people covering 4 generations) in Tybee Island, GA!  Attend/involved in The Rock Church in Fenton with Joyce. Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Deb Kelley (Hooper)
Teacher Consultant Married 3
Hi everyone! 50 years- hard to believe... I retired from Genesee Intermediate School District as a teacher consultant for students with disabilities. After 1.5 years of not working I started working for the GISD again as a teacher consultant for McLaren’s behavioral day treatment program. That was 6 plus years ago.. Send Deb a MessageSend Deb a Message
Debi Rouse (Horner)
Retired GM Married 1
Hoping to see everyone! Send Debi  a MessageSend Debi a Message
Doug Bredow
Profile picture
Married 3
I graduated from MSU, left Michigan in 1977, moved 6 times in 8 years, then spent 27 years in Seattle WA. My career was in Sales and Marketing for Kraft General Foods. Claudia and I moved to AZ in October '17 to Victory at Verrado, a 55 and over community in the foothills of the White Tank Mountains.  We spend our days golfing, playing pickleball, playing card games, travelling, and enjoying all the beauty of the desert. See you in Sept., 2020.
Send Doug a MessageSend Doug a Message
Freda Gregory
QA Inline Parts Inspector at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Single 3
My life has not been the best, but I’m a survivor.  I’m a 23 year breast cancer survivor. I have 3 awesome kids, my daughter is a grade school teacher, my oldest son is a Supervisor at Sumitomo, Plant 2...I work at Plant 5, my youngest son  works at Fidelity Investments’s. I have 3 grandsons and one granddaughter. They are the joy of my life. I’m still working because I still have to. Love my church family and so thankful to God for all the mess He has brought me through. God is good, all the time!! Send Freda a MessageSend Freda a Message
Gayle Ann Resler (Kettler)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Minister Widowed
I’ve had a very interesting life. I did promotional work for many big bands in the 1980’s allowing me to attend concerts for free and meet many great musicians. For example, Beach Boys, Journey with Steve Perry, Irish band U2, Def Leppard. Also have met REO Speedwagon, Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac, Rush to name a few. This satisfied my business sense  (& all those business classes) along with my extreme love with music. My dad being a fairly known musician.  On the flip side, I also became an Ordained Elder in my home Presbyterian church & in spare time finished schooling & became a Pastor. I was married 35 years becoming a widow in 2006. I also volunteered at Carman-Ainsworth Senior Center doing front desk & computer work for 12 years & I also served 6 years as Secretary in their Executive Board of Directors. I love traveling by car or plane, casino trips, writing to pen pals & many other interests,  Send Gayle Ann  a MessageSend Gayle Ann a Message
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